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Thread: 1930's comedy

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    I do have a burning question that has haunted me since I was a teenager in the 1960's. On the late movie on TV I saw a society comedy about a shipwrecked aristocrat and family complete with boyfriends of daughters and girl friends of sons, and also the staff of servants. The rich can do nothing while the butler can provide for everyone on the island. Before it is over the servants are equal and love begins between the two classes. This abruptly ends as they are found by a passing ship. What can you tell me about that movie from title to anything else available? thanks

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    It's from 1957 and is called The Admirable Crichton. You're unlikely to have seen the earlier version from 1918.

    The Admirable Crichton (1957)


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    Though there is a version from the 1930s

    We're not dressing

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