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    Or A Midwinter's Tale in the U.S. Not that the title change helped it at the Stateside boxoffice. Who would expect a satisfying, sometimes touching, sometimes hilarious romp that resembles a Shakespearean comedy?

    Kenneth Branagh wrote and directed. A sort've ragtag group of actors and crew attempts to stage "Hamlet." In a small village. In a church. During rehearsal, egos clash, the text is trashed. Will the show go on? A clever look at actors and acting. Antics backstage and on-stage are very funny. The entire cast is splendid, including Richard Briers, Michael Maloney, Celia Imrie, Richard Sessions, and Julia Sawalha. Joan Collins and Jennifer Saunders are present just enough.

    The B&W cinematography is striking.

    Such a pleasing, little-known (?) film. I can count on it--and Schlesinger's Cold Comfort Farm--to lift my spirits.

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    Have to say I love this film too and Michael Maloney is a very nice man.

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    I like this film too .... and although I have never met him myself, I have been told by someone who has that Michael Maloney is indeed a very nice man.

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    I saw it on the TV some years ago and felt the need to invest in a VHS of it. Easier said than done finding it, but I got one and have enjoyed it several more times since.

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