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    Another Oscar contender movie in the Best Oscar category, what can I say I've got a lot of time on my hands due to the 'economic downturn'.

    Richard Jenkins ( the Dad in 6 feet under) stars as a lonely bored and recently widowed college professor going through the motions in his ostensibly empty life until he accidently befriends and becomes involved in the lives of two muslem immigrants in New York City, a Syrian drummer and a Senegalese jeweler.

    The main premise of the movie is freindship and lonlieness with political overtures of post 911 told in a slow sometimes ponderous way, the movie works on many different levels, it's one of those little Indie gems that probably will not appeal to a broader audience due to no special effects or grand sweepeing cinematic vistas.

    Poignant, subtle and quite moving if not somewhat underplayed in parts I liked this quite a lot. 6.5/10

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    Very nice LL.

    I've enjoyed writer-director Tom McCarthy's acting, and The Station Agent , the first feature he wrote and directed, is among my faves. While I thought some scenes would have benefited from a little shortening, it moved me. McCarthy's not afraid of silences and quiet moments, and I loved some images of the main characters in relation to New York City backdrops. Lovely, ugly, clashing, conflicted.

    Much like The Station Agent, a gentle but compelling look at life improvised.

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    Much like The Station Agent, a gentle but compelling look at life improvised.

    Well said, especially "life improvised." The Station Agent is one of my favourites.


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