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    Hi there folks,

    I'm wondering if anyone can help me. My daughter will be turning 4 shortly (24th Feb) and I thought I would track down a copy of the Famous Five TV series made by Southern TV in 1978 on DVD starring Jennifer Thanisch amongst others. Unfortunately I cannot get hold of it anywhere and just wondered if anyone has a copy they'd be prepared to trade?

    I absolutely loved this series when I was a kid and would love her to watch it too. I have already bought her the Swallows and Amazons movie, the Secret garden, The railway children, children of the stones. If anyone else has any other recommendations for anything else similar for her I'd love to hear them. It saddens me that so much of today's childrens movies and series are complete rubbish e.g. shrek etc and I'm trying to build a collection of quality childrens DVD's for her and would love to hear your recommendations. She's extremely bright and in fact even loves watching Blakes 7 and UFO with me though I'm careful which episodes.

    So can anyone help out? Alternatively I gather there was a later series made again for TV but I haven't seen this so don't know whether it's any good.

    Many thanks,


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    Saxon, not in the same mold but something my two adored at that age was Danny Kaye's "Hans Christian Anderson".

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