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    I remember seing a movie late at night during a bout of insomnia.

    I think it was called Too Little Time. It was in black and white and made in the UK, possibly at Pinewood studios.

    It was made early after the war adn wqhat struck me about it was the the Germans were portrayesd as human beings.

    It was set in either occupied France or Belgium. A young girl and her mother live in a chateau which is taken over by tyhe Nazis as their HQ.

    The commanding officer and the young girl strike up a friendship; he even gets the mother medical help.

    In the end, the resistance, led by the young girl's brother, ambush the officers car. The young girl is in it and dies. the officer goes back to the chateau and prepares to end his life as his superiors come to see what is going on.

    Any ideas about title, actors, and so forth?

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    You were nearly right - I think this is the one!:

    So Little Time (1952)


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