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    When I was growing up in the 1970's, during the summer holidays the BBC would have children's programmes on during the weekday morning. Do you remember the short films they would show between the programmes, by the National Trust about visiting the Yorkshire Dales or the Cotswolds or a historic site such as a castle etc? I tried but I haven't found a thing. Wanted to check in with you to see if someone else but me remembers them and tell me if it is possible to get them.


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    I have been trying to find some information about those 'castle' shorts. I don't think they were produced by the National Trust though? Each one lasted around five minutes and usually contained much zooming in and out and swift cuts, while sound effects of the castle being attacked was heard. They were quite atmospheric, anyone else remember them and have more info?

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    I remember them but not much more than that there was something about witches with a broomstick leaning on a garden wall and a ruined abbey in the background. It frightened me.

    Ruined abbeys are more English Heritage's thing than the National Trust though (back in the seventies that would be the Department of the Environment), so maybe government films when the Public Information Film units weren't busy making "Charley Says" or "Protect and Survive"?

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    Might be worth considering "The British Transport Commision" films. It had its own film unit set up in 1949 which made travelogue type films for 30 years, all of which I believe are available on DVD via the BFI.

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