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    Hi, I can vaguely remember an American film about a guy who gets stranded in a strange town and can`t escape to go home. He tries everything to get away but gets into more trouble. I recall it`s quite amusing but can`t even remember the actor`s name. I think when it becomes morning he finally gets away. Thanks

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    Possibly After Hours (1985) ?

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    If it is Martin Scorsese's great After Hours then he's not exactly in a strange town, just a different part of New York (SoHo). The lead actor is Griffith Dunne. He starts off working in an office and that evening he meets Rosanna Arquette. They visit a few clubs and meet some strange people. One misunderstanding leads to another and Dunne finishes up being chased by a mob. A Papier-m�ch� sculptor hides him by making a full body cast around him!

    He finishes his night's adventure by being dropped off at his office, ready for another "normal" day


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