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Thread: Harry Palmer

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    For us completists, this is due out on April 20th.

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    A real pity that if they were bringing Palmer back in the 90s they didn't make sure the scripts were first rate. Sadly these belated sequels are crap.

    Stick to the 60s trio of Palmer movies.

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    Before there was Bourne there was Palmer

    Bourne is a govenment hit man and Palmer a spy so whats the connection

    cant see Palmer running over roof tops and jumping through windows can you

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    cant see Palmer running over roof tops and jumping through windows can you

    Thank goodness

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    Good to see these two on DVD finally. A lot of Harry Alan Towers productions are oddly hard to find (eg. his Richard Todd adventures in the early 1960s), I assume the rights are all muddled up in different countries.

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