I was going to mention Manx myself. Some of my distant relatives are apparently from there. I've never been, but I recently discovered that the Dutch thriller MYSTERIES (1978) was entirely set and filmed there, and I'll be watching that for review purposes later today. I'd be interested to know if there was ever such a thing as a Manx film industry, though...could lead to yet another fascinating voyage of discovery.

In terms of languages spoken in these isles, it's also worth remembering that many Shetlanders and a few Orkenyites speak not only English and Scots, but Old Norse (Nord) Many of the former, in fact, consider themselves 'vikings' rather than Scots, and some have even been clamouring lately for independence. As it goes, the Shetlanders I knew in Glasgow definitely had more Scandinavian names (Magnus, Astrid etc) than Celtic ones.

Does 'Doric' count as a language in its own right?