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    Quote Originally Posted by aphra
    I second that heartily. I think WILL PENNY is among my top ten Westerns of all time. And Heston gave a surprisingly sensitive performance.
    I'll go along with that, too. Heston himself said in an interview "Will Penny" was the best acting he'd ever done.

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    Quote Originally Posted by TimR
    The War Lord is a terrific film and very under-rated. As you mention, the DVD is extremely expensive.
    You can buy the German R2 (with english track) from as little as eur 13.52 from Amazon Marketplace Germany.

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    I recorded The War Lord on my Sky box. simple. Apart from Heston the direction, making full use of the Cinemascope aspect ratio, is worthy of note. Incidentaly I saw amagazine photo of the studio lot in the 60s. It revealed the the tower/castle was about 150yds. from the pier used in the TV 'Peyton Place' series.

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