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    Does anyone else remember this hilarious series? there was just one season of six episodes. Margaret Leighton and Charles Gray played Lord and Lady Seacroft, who after falling on hard times move from their stately home into a council house.

    I remember one very funny scene where Margaret decides to have guided tours of her modest little house, and grandly stating, "and this is the west wing".

    Unfortunately there was only one six episode season and it over before videos were available for most people. I would love to hear from anyone else who remembers it.

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    Unlikely sitcom stars, Margaret Leighton and Charles Gray! Lalla Ward was in this too. I never saw this series and doubt it will ever see the light of day again (too obscure). I'd love to be proved wrong. Sadly, Margaret was already afflicted with multiple sclerosis by this time and died three years later in 1976.

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