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    does anybody know a song call there's aways tomorrow just wait and see and who sang it thanks anno domini

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    Sounds vaguely similar to It's Almost Tomorrow. A hit for The Dreamweavers and later Mark Wynter.

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    there is a song called Theres always tomorrow with lyrics by Geri Halliwell. You can find it on you tube.

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    The only one that I can think of is so well-known that I don't think it could be the one....

    There'll be bluebirds over

    The white cliffs of Dover,


    Just you wait and see.

    .... sung by Vera Lynn obviously.

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    name='annodomini']does anybody know a song call there's aways tomorrow just wait and see and who sang it thanks anno domini

    Are you talking about the title song from the old Fred MacMurray-Barbara Stanwyck film? If you are then that was Perry Como. Apparently this wasn't a hit for him or anyone else, according to my pop chart books, which is surprising. The film came out in 1956 and I've found a scene on YouTube but not the song, alas.


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    Might be Pearl Carr and Teddy Johnson ? (esp if it is from the late 1950s...)

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