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Thread: St Trinian's

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    Quote Originally Posted by lovegod
    Just seen the St Trinians 2007 version with Rupert Everett

    did nt really work did it ?

    wonder what it did in the box office ? 2 mill ?
    Check out The IMDb: Box Office Business

    It did �1.2 million in the first weekend in the UK

    $24.5 million (�16.7 million) gross

    All for an outlay of $13.5 million (�9.2 million)

    I would say that worked out for them


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    In fact, the $24.5 million gross is just for the USA! The total is nearer $40 million

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    All for an outlay of �9.2 million
    �9.2 million..... !!! it's hard to figure out how the movie cost so much ! .... guess it's the sky high cost of school uniforms these days !

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    name='lovegod']guess it's the sky high cost of school uniforms these days !
    You can see by the amount of material used that they must have cost a fortune!

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    name='batman']You can see by the amount of material used that they must have cost a fortune!
    Let's face it - it was these 'extras' that sold the film to many.

    It would be interesting to see the ages and sexes of the people who actually went to see the film.


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    I stuck it out for a while then Brand came on and killed what little interest I had

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    I am officially a Grumpy Old Person and so wasn't expecting to like this film, but I actually felt so sad that a once great, witty and funny series of British films will be remade to represent everything society seems to want from its humour today. Unfortunately this seems to mean tawdry, unfunny, badly acted, unsubtle, no wit of any kind and creepy sex scenes involving Rupert Everett in drag. These remakes aren't for me and yet my 19 year old son loves the original St Trinians. Says something doesn't it?

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    Loved it.

    Everett is absolutely superb and a perfect Camilla ( to all of us who wonder what a Camilla of a certain age might be like).

    I liked the thuggery amongst the girls - brilliant and true to life

    I'd always felt slightly uneasy withg the older St T's, the 6th form girls in stockings etc, I was always wondering ....why ??? what audience is this for???

    This St T' problem - hilarious and straightforward.

    Way to go.

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