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    this is a 1960s b/w film about two little boys who go missing .

    one is black and the other boy is white.

    any help would be great.



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    Possibly The Little Ones (1965).


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    This is part of a review from the New York Times:

    DON'T miss "The Little Ones," a vest-pocket joy from Britain that quietly crept into town yesterday on a circuit double-bill. At the bottom, naturally. We have one objection. This low-budget entry, made by some people we never heard of and running for only an hour, should run about twice as long.

    In this Columbia release, two London slum children, white and black, run away to Liverpool Harbor to escape miserable home backgrounds. What happens to them is both amusing and touching. The film is exquisitely directed by Jim O'Connolly, who was also the scenarist. The picture deftly trails the two, undaunted 9-year-old pals, who casually filch a suitcase and tangle with some hardheaded pursuers, including a police inspector, who is excellently played by Dudley Foster.

    THE LITTLE ONES, written and directed by Jim O'Connolly; produced by Fred Robertson for Goldhawk Productions; released by Columbia Pictures. At neighborhood theaters. Running time: 64 minutes.

    Ted . . . . . Kim Smith

    Jackie . . . . . Carl Gonzales

    Inspector Carter . . . . . Dudley Foster

    Sergeant Wilson . . . . . Derek Newark

    Lord Branlley . . . . . John Chandos

    Ted's mother . . . . . Jean Marlow

    Junk shop dealer . . . . . Derek Francis

    Welfare officer . . . . . Cyril Shaps


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