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    Hi there i was hoping that someone might be able to help me, i have been looking for a certain time travel film (maybe series) i dont remember much about it but remember having it on vhs as a kid and would love to see it again

    ok heres what i do remember..

    It was a English film/series possibly late 70s about a boy who finds a time travel machine in a cave im sure there was a scientist there as well my mind goes blank at most of it but im sure something goes wrong with the time machine and the boy gets stuck in different years.

    What i vividly remember was a scene where the boy travels back in time and ends up in a tree and 2 guys are having a duel 10 paces turn and shoot! but they spot him and he ends up in a duel but disappeared just before he gets shot and ends up surrounded by witches who are about to sacrafice a young girl but because he just appears the witches think its black magic and run off now im not sure if the boy sets her free and the witches turn on him and are about to cook him or something or if he just disappared again and 1 other scene where he ends up in a bunker in WW1 and him and another boy have to run from 1 bunker to another through a field but the boy dont make it, im not sure but i think that the scientist was trying to bring the boy back but using the time machine was causing the cave to fall in

    I know its not much to go on but was hoping someone may know what im talking about =)

    Everytime i ty to google key words it keeps coming up with h.g wells or quantum blimmin leap!



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    I think potato sacks feature in A Hitch in Time though the machine was in a crypt rather than a cave, IIRC

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    The cave, then the duel scene sounds like they are from "A Hitch In Time", a Childrens Film Foundation offering from 1978, with Patrick Troughton

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    Thankyou very much guys, i just youtubed it and yes thats the one, the memories are flooding back now = )

    Excellent stuff.

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