Okay.. this might sound a bit chopped and screwed mainly because I didn't watch this movie... but I saw a preview on youtube and I really liked it.. but I forgot the name and can't find the youtube video. Trust me I tried... at least three hours wasted.

Okay some scene that I remember from youtube was the guy was talking and explaining some kind of poster and he turns around and sees the girl.. he looks absolutely sprung.

Another part.. she was sitting on a bench .. and he walks by.. she sees, him, gets up and I guess introduces herself to him.

Another part... they were on a train sitting together and a cross from them was a guy reading a newspaper... the guy keeps looking at them.. and they grin and awkwardly link their hands together (cute though)

Another was them running down a hill...

Thats about it.

Also I think it was a mini series.. but I could be wrong.

The main characters were young.. around 18-25.