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Thread: Drama serial ?

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    I am trying to locate the name of an early '60's TV thriller/drama serial on behalf of my Mother. The one story that stands out is that of a group of students out on a picnic discussing the tale of a pilot from WW1. Whilst in conversation the very biplane lands nearby, the students go to investigate, only to find the pilot missing...

    This is all that she can remember I'm afraid.

    She recalls it being broadcast early Sunday afternoons, ITV (?)

    I thought maybe that this is a B&W film, however she assures me that it is a TV series with different stories each week...

    Can anyone please help

    I can only think of Armchair Theatre; The Wednesday Play; Alfred Hitchcock Presents...

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    there was a drama series about pilots and planes - Terence Alexander was in it

    The show might have been Garry Halliday and starred Terence Longdon as airman Garry Halliday. The episodes were closely based on the books by Justin Blake. It was on the BBC from 1959 to 1962.

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