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    Morning all, if anyone has copies of any or all three of the following and would like to trade I would be grateful if they would PM me :

    Under the Red Robe 1937 starring Conrad Veidt

    Home to Danger 1951 starring Guy Rolfe

    The Full Treatment 1960 starring Diane Cilento

    Fingers crossed and thanks in advance.

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    I have all three if you are still looking.

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    I've got the 'American version ' of THE FULL TREATMENT i.e. under its retitle STOP ME BEFORE I KILL - but the quality of the copy is very poor. Any chance you could provide me with a copy under its original title. Anything you're looking for in exchange?


    Stephen Laws

    The Midnight Man: The Official Website of the author Stephen Laws

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    Home to Danger, with Stanley Baker in a small part has just or is about to be released by Optimum I think.

    I got a note from Amazon UK yesterday saying the release of The Last Grenade has been postponed indefinately.

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    Home To Danger is released on DVD in the US on 30th June. Does anyone know of a UK release?

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