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Thread: Comrades (1986)

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    Release date set for July 27th 2009 on the BFI label on DVD and Blu-ray.

    [ame=]Comrades [DVD] [1986]: Vanessa Redgrave, James Fox, Michael Hordern, Barbara Windsor, Bill Douglas: DVD[/ame]

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    A film by Bill Douglas

    With Robin Soans, Imelda Staunton, Philip Davis,

    Vanessa Redgrave, Robert Stephens, James Fox, Michael Horden, Freddie Jones, Barbara Windsor, Murray Melvin, Michael Clarke
    and Keith Allen

    The epic story of the Tolpuddle Martyrs, six Dorset labourers deported to Australia in the 1830s for forming a trade union

    Unfolding in the pastoral haze of Dorset and the blinding light of Australia, this is a beautiful film, rich with carefully layered visual illusions and nuances. With moving, profound performances throughout, Comrades � a compelling account of struggle and injustice � is also a tale of history, storytelling and the way we see our world. 2009 marks the 175th anniversary of the London demonstrations which were instrumental in securing the Martyrs� pardon and return.

    This distinctive feature from Bill Douglas, a director of singular vision � better known for his autobiographical Trilogy than for this extraordinary epic � is presented in a new High-Definition restoration and is available for the first time ever on DVD and Blu-ray in a 2-disc set with over 2 hours of special features.

    The release coincides with the BFI�s Blu-ray release of the Bill Douglas Trilogy (My Childhood (1972), My Ain Folk (1973), My Way Home (1978)) on the same day.

    Special features on Disc 2

    • Lanterna Magicka � Bill Douglas & the Secret History of Cinema (2009, 60 mins), an insightful new documentary on Douglas�s life and work
    • Visions of: Comrades (2009, 15 mins), cast-members recall making the film
    • Bill Douglas interviews (1978, 33 mins), exclusive presentation of a remarkable interview in which Douglas discusses his method and creating approach to writing and directing
    • Home and Away (Michael Alexander, 1974, 30 mins), charming short film co-scripted by Douglas
    • Original Comrades trailer
    • On-set report from the set of Comrades
    • Illustrated booklet with essays, production material and credits

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    Just a reminder to all that next Monday ( 27th JUly ) see the release of this fine fine film

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    Drewe has posted a meaty review: Comrades (1986)

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    Bill Douglas (1934-91), one of the greatest British directors, only made two films. This Scots master's spellbinding, three-hour English epic COMRADES (1986) conjures up the story of the Tolpuddle Martyrs - six Dorset agricultural labourers unjustly transported to Australia in 1834 for protesting against their starvation wages.

    If that sounds worthy, it isn't. COMRADES magnificently sidesteps anti-Thatcher agitprop, offering instead a moving, magical poem of human dignity, decency and hope.

    From the stunning landscapes of Dorset in the film's first half - in sun, cloud, rain and snow - to those of Australia in its second, baked yellow or luxuriant green, Douglas makes us sense the visionary new world these humble, high-minded working men dream of, always instinctively "trying to find the truth of the situation", as he says in interview.

    Robin Soans is luminous as George Loveless, the saintly, loving Methodist preacher who inspires them to "raise the watchword Liberty" - but under the charismatic Douglas's direction the whole cast is hypnotically powerful.

    One wants to apply to COMRADES itself George's praise of a well-crafted chair:

    "When we create such beauty, God is truly present."

    Telegraph rating: *****

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