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    I was wondering whether anyone recognized this film.

    From what little I remember a couple try and kidnap a womans children by telling them their parents told them to go with them when they goto the park. The son stays with his mother but the daughter believes them and they dissappear with her.

    I'm pretty sure this was a smaller made-for-tv movie, saw it a good few years ago, and its really bugging me!

    Anyone remember a storyline like this?

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    Could it be:

    ...And Then She Was Gone (1991)

    TV movie starring Robert Urich

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    did it involve a cat with speech difficulties named 'charley'?

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    name='jaycad']did it involve a cat with speech difficulties named 'charley'?



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    Hi guys thanks for your replies.

    It wasn't And Then She Was Gone, and no cat as far as I recall :)

    As I remember the film focused on the mother and remaining son, as well as the girl and the new kidnapper-parents, so more of a drama than an action film.

    Though i've never seen And Then She Was Gone it looks really good so im going to try and get a copy anyway!

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