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    Hi Folks!

    Does anyone remember the BBC documentary series from 1978, entitled, 'The Hong Kong Beat'? Strangely enough (cough!), it was all about the work of the Royal Hong Kong Police (as was). It had a very striking theme-tune, which was released as a single and did quite well I believe ... er ... I bought a copy at any rate!

    More to the point ... does anyone have a copy of this for sale on DVD or even VHS?

    When you think of some of the obscure documentary subjects that have made it to DVD over the years, t'would be a pity if this one never sees an audience again (and, NO, I can't think off-hand which 'obscure' documentaries I'm on about!).

    Cheerio the noo!

    PC McDixon of Jock Green (a.k.a. Biffer)

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    Don't have a copy but do remember seeing the show Biffer. Quite tough if I remember correctly.

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