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    I am always ready to bang my head against a brick wall but am now at the point where I am banging my neck (apologies to Not the Nine O'Clock News!).

    This children's TV series was made by Rediffusion and put out in the early days of ITV. It may well have only been shown in the London Area.

    I think it is extemely unlikely that the programmes will have survived but I wonder if there is anything out there from it; stills, promotion material, reviews with pictures etc. Would love to know what it looked like.

    The BFI have details of broadcast dates and cast (all pretty obscure) but nothing else has surfaced.

    Can anyone help?

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    I've got the TV Time editions for ep2 and ep6. Nothing very exciting - a cast list and short synopsis for ep2 and absolutely nothing for ep 6. Looks like you;kk have ahard time with this one, even Lost UK TV Shows doesn't list whether is exists or not - probably means it's long gone

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