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    I love the symbolism, the powerful role of music, and the blurring of what is real and imagined. The movie exposes Nina's inner workings, allowing viewers to understand that her delusional state, following the untimely death of her partner, functions as a healing mechanism. Joy, loss, grief, despair, anger, guilt, fear--she struggles with so many intense emotions but at last finds peace and the will to love again.

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    One of my favourites as well, fans of Barchester Chronicles will have already known of Alan Rickman, TMD made him a household name. It was shown twice here within a month or so because of how popular it was.

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    The best ever British film about love, grief and relationships IMHO.

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    'Truly, Madly, Deeply' is a superb film with beautiful performances from Juliet Stevenson, Alan Rickman, and Michael Maloney. I especially love the hopping along the South Bank bit, plus the ghosts arguing over which video they want to watch next!

    It's that rare breed of film that can make you smile one minute and cry buckets the next; and all the supporting cast are perfect. Just a lovely, lovely piece of work.

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