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    Not sure if anyone else has posted this

    Due for release on 17/08/2009 (UK) : Face To Face (6 Discs) : DVD - Free Delivery

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    Thanks Doc .... I hve seen a few of those over the years and they are fascinating. Definitely one for the Xmas list.

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    name='DocRobertPepper']Not sure if anyone else has posted this

    Due for release on 17/08/2009 (UK) : Face To Face (6 Discs) : DVD - Free Delivery

    Thanks again, Doc, having earlier pointed out the release of A Kind of Loving (the series). This is long overdue and now eagerly awaited. Few details in your link but I would expect to see Gilbert Harding, Tony Hancock, Evelyn Waugh, etc. ... as well as my Avatar Adam Faith in a confident mood.

    John Freeman was a great interviewer but way ahead of his time I think. Messrs. Harding and Hancock weren't prepared for those kind of probing questions ("Did you see your mother dead?" - poor Gilbert died himself soon afterwards and it could well have been related).

    I guess Jeremy Isaacs' brave attempt to recreate John's 'confessional' style of interviewing might be worthy of release itself. The one that's stayed in the memory, 14 years on, was with Paul Eddington, just before HE died. Very sad viewing ...

    But great news about the SIX disc DVD!

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    Now this is exciting, and definitely one for the old gift list. I've seen the Hancock one and it was fascinating, as well being strangely touching in places. It's the kind of interview show that would never been done today: PAs wouldn't allow their charges to be probed that deeply, for one thing. Which is why Parkinson lost its bite towards the end of the recent revival as well when compared to the great interviews of the past.

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    I was told - no idea if there's any basis in this - that the famous 'Gilbert Harding cries' business was because he was asked if anyone close to him had died -a reference to his partner (not his mother as is usually said), and Freeman was deliberately probing on the subject because of some sort of feud with Harding (who wasn't universally popular). I think I was told the question was suggested by a researcher. This might well not be true but I'll be interested to revisit the Harding interview.

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    The full episode list is on imdb, the set seems to be complete .

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