The 39 Steps (1959) locations
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    Hello there,im off on a short tour of the locations from the Kenneth moore version of this film,the reason being that it has the most location shots in Scotland.Ive had a look round the net and i think the most helpful site is the scottish movie locations one but if anyone on the forum can help in any way id be very grateful as i dont want to go all the way up there and miss any out ! many thanks

    Going to call in at Doune castle too for the Holy Grail locations.....

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    Most of the Kenneth More version was filmed in "the Trossachs" which is an area of Scotland near Stirling and Doune with the town of Callander being the main town in the centre of the area. Another town to visit is Dunblane which is only a few miles away from Doune, its from the Borough Chambers building, Millrow, Dunblane that Hannay jumps from a first floor window onto the roof of a truck. Dunblane is a tiny little town and is very peaceful since they built the motorway bypass that takes traffic north bound for Perth and Aberdeen. Dunblane is often refered to as the smallest city in the UK, its the size of a village really but it has a Cathedral which gives it status, bit of trivia for you there. From Dunblane you can travel to Doune castle, as you enter the village of Doune from Dunblane watch out for the signs for the castle as it is a very sharp left turn down a hill as if you were going back in the direction you came, its easy to miss the turning as you enter the village so best crawl along at the prescribed speed limit of 30 or slower as you approach. From Doune follow signs for Callander which is about 8miles away, Callander was the location for the original 1960s BBC Tv series "Dr Finlays Casebook" and the exterior "Arden House" is still there and is now a very nice B&B.Arden House is signposted to the right as you enter the main street of Callander from Doune. Carry on through Callander and as you exit the town past "The woolen Mill" there is a turning to the left which is signposted Loch Katrine and Aberfoyle,and straight on is towards Loch Earn and Crianlarich. Basically there are "39 steps" locations to be found along both these routes but I would start by turning left and driving towards Loch Katrine as along that road you will find the wooden bicycle huts on your right where Hannay encounters the Clackmannan wheelers and pinches a bike,as you enter the village of "Brig O Turk". If you keep going along this windy lochside road you will come to the location for the girls school where Hannay gives his impromptu lecture.This baronnial turreted building used to be the rather splendid " Trossachs Hotel" but has now been converted into holiday flats with some horrific looking add ons at the side of the building but the frontage is intact and unmistakable. The fictional picturesque village of Glenkirk where Hannay cycles his stolen bicycle over an old stone bridge to consult his map is actually the village of Killin and the river that runs under the bridge at that point is called "The Falls of Dochart" To get to Killin you really need to go back along the road you came and follow the straight on signs towards Crianlarich rather than the left turn you would have taken for Loch Katrine. Just follow signs for Crianlarich which will take you through Balquidder and you will eventually see the signposted right turn to the village of Killin. I was brought up in Stirling and spent many summer holidays in my youth cycling around those areas, I went to school in Clackmannan so possibly could be considered as an original wheeler!.. so I know the region fairly well. Have a look at Scotland the Movie Location Guide for more details of 39 steps and others. To get your bearings just look for Stirling on the map and Dunblane and Doune are about 5 miles to the north.Hope thats of some help and enjoy your trip to Scotland!

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    Fantastic ! Many,many thanks for your information and for taking the time to reply.Cheers

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