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    1970's, possibly early 80's

    as rarely seen and as excellent entertainment as "the fantastic journey" usa tv kids mini series with the giant omnipotent brain and alternative universe accessed via the bermuda triangle, but i digress...

    i remember this as a USA budget made for TV movie, at least that's the style

    it involves newly weds / honeymooners or possibly engaged

    and a saucy looking landlady who has her eye on the groom

    i remember at the end the landlady chases after the man, out of the hotel-type complex or city or whatever it is and then she suddenly turns hideously old and dies

    there was a glass case with a manequin or mask or something like that of a young woman

    something to do with shagri-la, not a gorey horror, but somewhat chilling and memorable

    been nearly 10 years now i have mentioned it and occasionally hunted but nobody has the faintest idea what i'm talking about

    can you help? if so you get the gold crown platinum medal kingdom award of movie expertist and enthusiasm and i will rejoice for 7 days & nights because it's about the last thing i havent found yet!

    cheers all

    PS: i watched it in UK, might have been british

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    This sounds a bit like an episode called Paradise Lost from the 1985 sci-fi TV series Otherworld.

    This website has a description of the whole series, including a synopsis and stills of that episode:

    John Kenneth Muir's Reflections on Film/TV: CULT TV FLASHBACK

    You can also see the whole episode on the internet.


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