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    I need the title of the following if possible:

    This is a film I caught on BBC2 years ago where a young girl writes a saucy novel which becomes a best seller. She bases the characters in the novel on people she knows and spices up their lives a bit without changing the names..... I'd love to see this film again but cannot remember what it was called -

    It's B&W and set in the 50's I think.

    Thanks for your help.

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    This is

    Please Turn Over (1959)

    starring Leslie Philips.

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    Please Turn Over?


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    Hello and welcome.

    It would be ironic if this is right, in view of your user-name, but could it be Oranges Are Not the Only Fruit?

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    It sounds very like Please Turn Over to me - it's one of those films that seems to get asked about a lot and, luckily, it's[ame=""]available on dvd[/ame]

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    name='CaptainWaggett']It sounds very like Please Turn Over to me - it's one of those films that seems to get asked about a lot and, luckily, it'savailable on dvd

    Yes, it is Please Turn Over, which, coincidentally I have just watched. Having read the Jean Kent thread, I was going to post how funny she is in this film, playing Julia Lockwood's mother, who Julia writes is having an affair with Lionel Jefferies, an old friend teaching her mother to drive. But the best comic turn is from Joan Sims, playing an absolute shrew of a "char" in real life, but a flirty french maid in the book/fantasy. Lines like "Pour l'amour de Mike" made me laugh so much. Great performances from Leslie Phillips, June Jago and Ted Ray as well.

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    Definitely Please Turn Over, with the gorgeous Julia Lockwood ....

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    name='batman']Definitely Please Turn Over, with the gorgeous Julia Lockwood ....

    I saw this film recently. She certainly is gorgeous Bats.

    We never did see enough of her in films.


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