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Thread: Hardware (1990)

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    Richard Stanley's 'Hardware preposterously overblown, yet also kind of extraordinary.

    By Mark Monahan

    Published: 12:17PM BST 30 Jun 2009

    Hardware: Special Edition

    Nuclear war has devastated the earth, the sky is permanently a toxic vermilion, and it�s routinely 110 degrees in the shade. In this punishing, Mad Max-meets-Blade Runner environment, a wandering scavenger finds a heap of metallic junk that he sells to a young sculptress. But this innocent-looking pile turns out to be the carcass of a killer cyborg armed with drills, saws, six limbs and hypodermic syringes charged with a very nasty neurotoxin that actually makes you enjoy dying. And � wouldn�t you know it? � the machine is self-repairing.

    Written and directed by Richard Stanley, Hardware is a lurid, bloody, derivative, but at times gripping little film, a sort of Terminator spin-off in which the battleground is not all LA but a single, darkened apartment. Its problems are a visible cheapness, a tendency towards the gratuitous, and a shortage of characters to care about. But Stacey Travis is spunky and sexy in the lead, and, oddly, it�s often at its best at its most pretentious. One delirious, poison-induced death plays out to a bizarre collage of digital Mandelbrot fractals and Rossin�s glowering Stabat Mater � it�s preposterously overblown, yet also kind of extraordinary.

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    This has some great moments and could have been a classic. Love Iggy Pop as Angry Bob, the newsreader on the radio saying "Now for the good news. Ain't no f#cking good news!" Also the pervert across the hall peering through the hole in the pornographic pinup. Some great atmospheric scenes which may have provided inspiration for Mad Max (not sure which came first). Great robot along the lines of RoboCop.

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    This movie got into trouble for ripping off a story from 2000AD.

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