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    I watched this movie again the other night (it's a film that needs to be watched several times) and was again moved by the honesty of performance throughout, remembering that every disabled part, except one, is played by a disabled actor.

    It's an "in-your-face" experience to watch, and for the characters portrayed. One part is set in the luxurious home of a disabled girl's Grandmother. The Grandmother cannot stand, or cope with, her cerebral palsy inflicted Granddaughter, despite this, the girl's father takes her for a trip to see the Grandmother, who was caught unaware. She was left in an even worse state by the girl who wanted to go to the toilet, and shouted at her that unless she wanted s*** everywhere, she had better come to help.

    Ian Dury & John McArdle play two of the screens most vicious & vile characters ever set to film, leaving Nurse Ratched in the shade.

    Before creating this thread I did a search, and found only one minor reference to this film some 5 years ago. That is sad for a movie that is as good and touching as this movie is.

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    It's only been shown on TV the once as far as I know, but I was hugely impressed by it. As you say, for the honesty of the performances but also for the reality (or it seemed real to me) of the situations that they had to face.

    Bernard Hill as the Dad who tries hard to do right by them, but is often the butt of their jokes.

    Richard Briars as Old Arthur, what a stunning performance

    It should be made commercially available. Come to that, it should be shown in every school in the land


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