Hello Everyone,

I saw this movie when I was younger and here are my recollections.

The movie I believe is a Bristish drama about a teen boy, his sister, and a new female friend. The sister is jealous of the brother's interest in the girl and possibly plots something(?)

It is fairly contemporary, set in the 50's or 60's, I remember it may have been filmed in black and white or maybe it was just the gloomy overcast skies that seemed to dominate the scenes. I do remember vehicles, rain, and trenchcoats.

It seems that the boy and girlfriend decide to run away and get in a boat on a stormy night. I think they drown but am not positive.

I asked about this film on another site and someone thought it might be "The Mill On The Floss," as the plot loosely was similar. However, I was also told that that movie was a 'period piece' set back in the 19th century. Is it possible that it was the that story only set in more recent times? Sometimes film are made that way to appeal to new audiences.

Well, curiosity killed the cat, but satisfaction brought her back! If anyone has an idea, please add your information. Thank you!