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    About 1992 we'd borrowed Jude the Obscure (Robert Powell version) from the library and decided to watch it all the way through with just the occasional comfort stop and 2 tea breaks. By the end of it we were slumped in our chairs feeling wrung out and could hardly move as the credits rolled up but then I spied in the cast an actress rejoicing in the name Anita Sharp-Bolster and given the profession of Jude we fell about, with a kind of hysterical relief only experienced when a complete contrast of moods comes about. We didnt think it could possilby be genuine but having hastily reached for our (even then) out of date copy of Spotlight..sure enough the easily recognised actress was there. We felt guilty that we knew the face but not the name, but we could only surmise that whoever cast it thought it might at least bring a smile to the faces of the viewers spotted it.

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    She kinda suits her name

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    Can anyone remember Christopher Lillicrap?


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    My own favourite is Fran Fullenwider - a very buxom American lady who appeared in several British films. It was her real name, I believe.

    Thanks again to Weary for the image.

    Sadly, Fran died at the age of only 51 in 1997.


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    name='faginsgirl']Can anyone remember Christopher Lillicrap?


    Aka Charlie Chuckles in T-Bag.

    He now makes a very good living writing, producing and directing top quality pantomimes.

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    name='faginsgirl']Can anyone remember Christopher Lillicrap?


    i remember hiim in a kids programme called 'flicks'-in fact me and a friend had a wager on whether he was called 'lillicrap' or 'lillicrab',i won!

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