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    Can anyone help me. A long time ago, 60's?. Bernard Braden was in a film on T.V. He was in a poker school with 3 other rich businessmen who kept raising the stakes as they felt it wasn't exciting enough. Finally they decided to make whoever lost would have to kill a notorious gangster of that time. Does anyone remember the film title or anything about it.

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    I don't remember anything like that in All Night Long which uses the plot of Othello though others have probably seen it more recently than me. In the ITV play Shadow of Guilt, according to The Times review, he plays an 'homme moyen sensuel, in love with his secretary, doing his best by his wife and trying to keep his adopted daughter out of the case' (which involved a Canadian painter being murder in the sordid world of New York businessmen apparently). Any of that ring a bell?

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    Bernard did an episode of No Hiding Place in 1959, but I can't find any synopsis for it.

    It was called Checkmate, which is more suggestive of chess than poker, though!


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    Synopsis for The Full Treatment, here Stop Me Before I Kill! > Overview - AllMovie under it's U.S. title.

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