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    Have been reading folks views about Patsy Palmer potetially playing Eliza in My Fair Lady

    This reminded me that I feel Catherine Zeta Jones would be great in How Green Is my Valley. Given that Maureeen O'Hara was 19 when she played the grown up daughter, Catherine, at near 40, is probably to old, though her beauty might make her still able to play the role.

    However, more realistic is the part of the mother Beth Morgan. Some might say she's to beautiful to play such a role, but IMO it shouldn't be a draw back, why shouldn't Beth be attractive. Sara Allgood was brilliant in the 1941 role, but she in fact, though not noticeable, was slightly to old for the role and Sian Phillips wasn't much older than Catherine is now when she did the 70s tv series

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    Are there any plans to remake How Green Is My Valley?

    Ta Ta

    Marky B

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