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    Here's a toughie -

    Back in the 60's, when the childrens TV series BLUE PETER also used to have serialised animation (well - 'still' black and white art, like a cartoon strip - such as 'Bleep and Booster'), they briefly ran a science fiction mini-serial called (if I recall correctly) SKANE. The opening of each 'episode' was heralded by a thrilling piece of music in the style of 'Fanfare for the Common Man' (but it wasn't that). This was clearly a piece of library music, because it was used again as the main title music for a short-lived British series called CRIME BUSTER (1968), in which a crusading journalist played by actor Mark Eden rooted out corruption in sport.

    Does anyone have any idea what this music was called and who composed it? All these years later, I can still recall it vividly.

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    I remember "Skayne", but I thought it was part of a programme on Saturday lunchtimes called "Zokko".

    Can't help with the music though, sorry!

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