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    Wondered if anyone might know if any of the tv stations are going to show this Kenneth Moore film or indeed is there any plans to release on DVD. We had the paperback of this story lying around the house for years and after possibly 40 years of looking at the cover I picked it up and read it !!

    I seem to remember it was shown on tv many years ago but it seems a rare old film these days.

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    Watched it again recently and can't help but feel for More as by this time he'd been dropped by Rank and his career was in decline in a similar to his character. He too might have been selling honey-flavoured sweets in commercials. A good support cast but More doesn't convince as a gigilo figure.

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    The Comedy Man doesn't seem to be available anywhere on DVD, which is a shame because it's a lovely little movie.

    I'm not a Kenneth More fan, but I thought he gave a very effective performance in this one.

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