Three films by Marc Isaacs

UK, 2001/2002/2003

Second Run Newsletter 48, July 09:

Marc Isaacs worked as an assistant to acclaimed film-maker Pawel Pawlikowski who encouraged Isaacs to make his own film.

The result was LIFT, and from that debut onwards Isaacs has revealed a great capacity to empathise with the protagonists of his films.

Never judging by appearances, Isaacs' skill at getting to know the characters becomes part of the narrative of the film, and their (our) prejudices and preconceptions are challenged by the reality he finds.

Strong human characters are at the heart of all Isaacs' films and "he has quietly built a body of work that puts him amongst the most empathetic documentary observers we have of lives often overlooked" (Time Out).

In these three films Isaacs creates a succession of deeply moving portraits, piecing together a unique portrait of modern Britain.

The DVD also includes a newly filmed interview with Marc Isaacs and booklet essays by Nick Fraser (Producer and Series Editor, BBC Storyville) and writer Graeme Hobbs.