Hi all

I'm coming to London This Friday for four to six weeks and ideally would like to stay with people who share my passion for films.

When i've stayed In London before I've normally used cheap BnB's which have no DVD facilities or even a TV in some cases.

I'm one of those people that usually views two/three films per night. I also enjoy going out to traditional British pubs and I also love the Fooball (my other passion)

I'm a good conversationalist and would like to think I can fit in to most social circles.

I can afford �60 per week for rent. I also have a massive DVD collection (I can send a list to anyone that replies) and can bring a few with me if desired.

I'm a 30 year old British male from Essex who is looking to find permanent work in London. I have family returning from there travels in six weeks time and would be able to stay with them from that point.

So if you have the room, want to make a few quid or just want to hang out with a film and football geek for a while then please pm me.

My top ten films in no order

Naked - Dir Mike Leigh

The Elephant Man - David Lynch

The Gambler (1974) - Karel Reisz

Magnolia - Paul Thomas Anderson

Withnail & I - Bruce Robinson

The 400 Blows - Francois Truffaut

In The Name Of The Father - Jim Sheridan

The Long Goodbye - Robert Altman

The Hustler - Robert Rossen

Rita Sue And Bob Too - Alan Clarke

Thanks for reading