... another in the British boxed sets being released by VCI Video is due out on August 25th


"Down Among the Z Men" (1952)

"Love in Pawn" (1953)

"Those People Next Door" (1953)

"No Smoking" (1955)

"Where There's a Will" (1955)

"Not So Dusty" (1956)

Several of these have recently had PAL single releases in the UK but if you don't already have them this is pretty good value. I got their first British set (I was slightly disappointed in the film quality) and the 2nd, which was a British film-noir set. It was surprisingly good quality. This one looks to be worth a flyer and so I've just ordered the pre-release. The price is right - $22Cdn/�11 if you order at the pre-release special price.