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    To coincide with the BFI's national project which will explore and celebrate Britain's 20th century industrial heritage and its impact on our social, economic and political life, BFI Sales have given us 3 copies of Portrait of a Miner (�24.99), released on 21 September, an expansive 2-disc DVD collection of films from the National Coal Board Film Unit exploring a century of coalmining on screen, and featuring an illustrated booklet with new essays and film notes.

    For an opportunity to win a copy of this dvd, please email: Together with your name, please enter 'dvd' in the subject line.

    Competition closes 14th September.

    Portrait of a Miner - Disc One

    Mining Review 1st Year No 1 (1947)

    King Coal (1948)

    Nines Was Standing (1950)

    �Miners Health Centre�, from Mining Review 2nd Year No 3 (1948)

    Mining Review 2nd Year No 10 (1949)

    Mining Review 2nd Year No 12 (1949)

    Plan for Coal (1952)

    The Shovel (1953)

    �Time Out� from Mining Review 7th Year No 8 (1954)

    �Balletomines� from Mining Review 7th Year No 12 (1954)

    �Hungarians in Britain� from Mining Review 10th Year No 8 (1957)

    New Power In Their Hands (1959)

    Mining Review 13th Year No 4 (1959)

    �Stormy Genius� from Mining Review 13th Year No 8 (1960)

    Arthur Clears the Air (1961)

    �Whitehaven Whippets� from Mining Review 15th Year No 7 (1962)

    Mining Review 16th Year No 6 (1963)

    Portrait of a Miner - Disc Two

    Songs of the Coalfields (1964)

    Big Job (1965)

    Portrait of a Miner (1966)

    Nobody�s Face (1966)

    The First Adventures of �Thud and Blunder� (1964)

    Mining Review 20th Year No 9 (1967)

    Hands, Knees and Bumps a Daisy (1969)

    Mining Review 22nd Year No 5 (1969)

    What About That Job? (Case Studies for Management No 1) (1970)

    The Bother Breeder (Case Studies for Management No 4) (1970)

    Man Failure (1971)

    I�ll See You (Too Late Now No 2) (1976)

    A Beautiful Memory (Too Late Now No 3) (1976)

    You Pick the Moment (Too Late Now No 4) (1976)

    Miners (1976)

    Review 32nd Year No 1 (1978)

    40 Years On (1978)

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    These are very good shorts - well up there with the Griersons.

    I remember the opening shots coming up into daylight in a miner's cage.

    Our nearest cinema in the 50s was a second run house. Sunday only - Mon-Wed and Thurs-Sat.

    3 times a week if we didn't go into town.

    Plus the Saturday morning kids mayhem.

    Because we were out of town and near new estates after the war, Mining Review, was always on the "full supporting programme". Never shown in town at any of the 5 cinemas.

    Trouble was, that when you were five and waiting for Gene Autry or the Flash Gordon serial - 10 minutes of Mining Review was a review too far. Why they showed it on Saturday mornings I will never understand - unless it was early indoctrination.

    But brilliant shorts.

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    And the winners are:

    Hugo Mitchell

    Kirk Smith

    David Barsby

    I'll get in touch with the winners this evening.

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