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    JOHN PATRICK BRESLIN * 16.03.1929 in Glasgow + 11.07.2009 in London

    (Stage and TV Actor, Dialect Advisor, Pianist, Radio and Voice Actor,

    Globetrotter and Translator)

    Im very sorry to announce that the actor, and to me a close friend, JOHN BRESLIN

    died on 11th July 2009, after a short but awful battle against a illness.

    I get this sad news from his family from Glasgow.

    He will be very much missed by his many friends, especially in Germany

    where we had a wounderful time together, with some unforgettable trips

    all around Bavaria.

    John was so surprisely talented in many of his uncounting Interests.

    As an actor he was very much underestimated and he loved and enjoyed

    working for BBC TV. John had so many storys to tell of his years in movie and TV buissness. He had a lot of fun playing CAPTAIN MUNRO in DR.WHO, its so pity that the most of his work at TV is not recorded and fanished or lost forever.

    he liked autographrequests and was always blessed to hear from people worldwide that they enjoy and remembering his work.

    John was a Intelligent man with such a unbelivable behavour...

    He was always very "Down to Earth" and to honest,

    His "Oh my, im only a simple Actor, nothing more" stays in my mind forever.

    I can`t remember a mad word from him, everyone who meet him liked him

    and was the opinion " Thats a fine Fellow", John had Charisma like Dorian Gray....

    He was a real British Gentleman, may God bless you John, thanks for all the time

    we shared together, thanks for all the memories........R.I.P. my friend.....


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    A familiar face and a lovely man by all accounts.

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    Sorry to hear of John Breslin's passing.....a fine actor.

    I met him in 1958 when he lived in Earls Court,London and I was a neighbour.!

    Remember seeing him in "The First Mrs Fraser" at Richmond Theatre,and "The Public Prosecutor" at the Arts Theatre where he got me the cast autographs,which I still have!


    Bill Cooke

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    According to his imdb entry he dubbed Steve Reeves' voice in some of his

    Italian sword & sandal films. What an interesting career he had. R.I.P. Mr Breslin.

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    I well remember John as a key character in the BBC series "United". I have just seen him in The ABC Murders with David Suchet.

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    Always sorry when a good actor passes as there is often no one of their quality coming up from the wings to carry on and fill the void. He had a varied and impressive career but I believe his Doctor Who work is all availible and was not in the group of serials that are lost

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    I know that John appeared in Jon Pertwee's first Dr Who story (Spearhead from Space - now available on blu-ray) playing a character called Captain Munro of UNIT. I believe that that was his only appearance in the show. However, would I be correct in saying that he was also in the 1st episode of "Heartbeat"? And did he also have a small role in "Greyfriars Bobby"? I'm not certain of either.

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