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    Hi All,

    My name is of course Peter Maxsted. Now, some here will reconise my surname. It is because that the British Art Director Jack Maxsted was my Great Uncle.



    Heap of kids

    Live in South Western Queensland about a 1000klm from Brisbane.

    Family imagrated 1946

    The reason I have come is, I hope to get as much infomation as I can on the achievements of my great uncle. As all of our elderly relations have shuffled off, I am finding it difficult to get any information and if possible photos of Jack @ home and of course @ work.

    One of my sons is hoping to be studing at the Melbourne School of Film and TV next year. So as you can see there is a bit of o'l Jack in my son.

    I hope that some here can help me in my quest.

    All good things to all,


    Excuse my bad spelling.

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    Hi and welcome Peter.

    Your great uncle did some sterling work and I was surprised how little information there is about him on the web considering his acheivemnts.

    Good luck with your search, I think you're in the right place to ask questions and hopefully help is on its way.

    One question: Did you ever get to hold the Oscar?

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    No, I didn't even meet the man! How bad is that. I would love to get into contact with the family over there but I am not sure how or who. All I know is that at the time of his passing he was in Scotland. It would be cool to crack a look at the gong though. I wonder if I may inherit it some day.

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