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    I can't find an actual thread for this landmark in "pop" music portrayed in film.

    Walter Shenson's idea to cash in on The Beatles before their popularity waned, must rank as one of the greatest coups in cinema history. United Artists, the parent company secured the sountrack rights, making them a pretty penny, too. Brian Epstein, made one of the worst deals for his "boys", IIRC, just �75,000.

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    Well despite Americas attempt to destroy them after that pathetic witch hunt due to a misquoted article that hit the headlines in 1966, the Beatles popularity never really waned as they progressed as the 1960's moved on.

    Plus to most youngsters they were bigger than Jesus anyway and I'd say the fact that George Harrison funded Monty Python's 1979 classic film 'The Life Of Brian' was them having the last laugh?

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