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    Can anyone name this film, its quite old in colour maybe from 1930-60s.

    It was about this arab princess (wears white mostly - usual hollywood costumes) who for some reason ends up pretending to be a common servent boy for this travelling merchent/trader kind of man. The man is intent on saving up all his money to buy a slave girl who is reputed to be the most beautiful (she turns out to be quite snooty).

    The girl pretends to be a servent boy, and then this fat rich man with huge moustache asks to be bathed and she is about to be forced to shave his beard and bathe him, when the man comes in and replaces her. At one point she is nearly crucified.

    He somehow ends up helping her on her journey and that's all i remember.

    Anyone know the film?

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    I think this is The Adventures of Hajji Baba (1954), which starred John Derek and Elaine Stewart.

    The whole film is up on Youtube.


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