directed by Guido Santi and Tina Mascara

narrated by Michael York

Zeitgeist Films, Region 1 DVD, 90 minutes

CHRIS & DON, released in June, last year, was a positive influence when the California State Supreme Court affirmed same-sex marriage.

The documentary illustrates the validity of long-term gay relationships, including ones with substantial age difference.

Christopher Isherwood, 48, a well-known author, meets Don Bachardy, 18, in Malabu.

With Isherwood's encouragement, Bachardy becomes a celebrated portrait painter.

Their relationship survives until Isherwood, aged 81, dies of cancer in 1986.

Remarkable archive footage includes W.H. Auden, E.M Forster, Aldous Huxley, Burt Lancaster, Herbert Lom, Anna Magnani, W. Somerset Maugham, Igor Stravinsky and Tennessee Williams.

Friends, including Liza Minnelli, Leslie Caron and John Boorman, talk about the difficulties faced by one of Hollywood's first openly gay couples.