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    I'm trying to identify a hotel that was used as a filming location for an episode of Boon (Thieves Like Us, 1995). It is probably in the Nottinghamshire, Derbyshire or north Leicestershire area, since that is where the rest of the series was recorded. In the episode it bore a sign saying Forum, but that is almost certainly just a prop.

    I know from the script editor, Louise Berridge, that the Makeney Hall Hotel near Belper was used for the interior hotel locations but not for the exteriors seen here: she and her husband Paul Crichton who was dubbing editor cannot remember where those scenes were filmed.

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    THis is slightly away from your question but when they filmed what I think was the earliest series of Boon and the opening credits showed Boon on his motorbike in an almost sepia effect, he drove down High Street Belbroughton, Worcs, passing my Ford Sierra Ghia and my wife's Mini Clubman and then my house

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