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Thread: the lump 1969

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    Please pm me if anyone can help. Can pay reasonable costs or trade.



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    Do you mean this 1967 play? If so, it seems to be lost.

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    name='CaptainWaggett']Do you mean this 1967 play? If so, it seems to be lost.

    Well hopefully not lost but sitting in the BBC vaults in Brentford as it was made on 16mm film and not videotape, which in 1967 was frequently wiped by the Beeb and re-used as the cost of an hour of 2 inch Ampex tape then was around 60 Pounds and money was not to be wasted.

    �The Lump� was a Wednesday Play transmitted on February 1st 1967. It was written by Jim Allen, Directed by Jack Gold, Produced by Tony Garnett, Photographed by Tony Imi and Edited by me. It featured Leslie Sands as Yorkie a bricklayer fighting the sub-contracting of labour on building sites which was known as working 'on the lump'. As far as I know it only received one transmission though it was shown later as part of a season at the National Film Theatre.

    I, too, would love to see it again so if there is anyone out there with a copy....

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