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    This may sound weird. But when I was a kid i remember seeing a TV Movie on ITV (i think it was ITV) . This would be around 1985 give or take a few years. It was on during the day time. I will relay as much as possible. Please help me find this or find the name. Anyway, it was about a young boy i think he was called Daniel or David. Probably around 10 years old. He ended up being captured by i think two bank robbers or burglars. They where quite nice to him and built up a releationship. I think they need him for leverage. The baddies had no intention of hurting the boy. Anyway, i remember the end of the film where one of the robbers/kidnappers gets wounded and ends up trying to help the boy escape etc. I think the climax took place in an old quarry or factory of some sort. I can even see the image of an old Van that the robbers drove. It looked like an old VW camper van thing. I could be way off. This was such a good film. Thast all I can remember. Please help! Thanx!

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