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    Anyone got this old series with Paula Wilcox?

    Lots to trade.

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    Not that I'm trading, as my equipment is buggered, but I recently acquired this as well- or rather the first series of it.

    Obviously it hasn't stood the test of time that well, and half the issues raised here, in particular the attitude towards women raising their children alone and their attempts to carve a career, are no longer issues- we would just accept, these days, that such things happen. In fact, it's hard to believe that people in 1977 hadn't already started doing so, particularly in London, but there you go!!

    Also, the running gag of Elizabeth trying to check up on her son's wellbeing via telephoning from various houses and phoneboxes wouldn't really be relevant in these days of the mobile. But it's a refreshing change, after the last 15 or so years of cynical 'social embarrassment' comedy, including THE SMOKING ROOM, which our heroine also starred in, to watch something gentle from a more easy-going era, even if perceived as old-fashioned in attitude. Granted, it's not always that funny, with a few pregnant pauses here and there, but it's enjoyable watching how it develops. And Paula is lovely as usual- she'd make the worst programme watchable simply by being there....

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