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    Help please ! All I remember is an office of spies all double crossing each other and the finale was the office block exploding. would have been early 80's I guess so if anybody can help - please do - or join my sleepless night

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    It's not an exact match, but it could be Philip Mackie's Cover, a six-parter from Thames Television shown in early 1981.

    The series starred Alan Howard who played Cragoe, the head of TSTS, an organisation used by (or perhaps part of) the secret service; its function was to test potential MI5/6 recruits. The two testers were Willy Wigglesworth (Clive Arrindell) and Herbert (Nicholas Jones). Aside from Sandra Dickinson (who played Zelda) there was also Susan (Sarah Porter) and Stocker (Malcolm Terris) the latter a strange general factotum who would watch peoples' backs, provide them with firearms and keep an eye generally on what was going on.

    Cragoe had a pathological hatred of the unseen Trimble who was the head of some rival department/organisation and who was supposedly always trying to do Cragoe down and take over his (rather small) empire. What basis this view had in reality is another matter, but it certainly triggered a lot of Cragoe's actions during the series.

    Each episode had its own self-contained story but there were continuing elements too which brought the whole thing to a conclusion in episode six with a surprisingly high body-count across the whole series.

    This latter point takes me back to the explosion. There was one, quite a big one, albeit as the finale to the penultimate rather than the final episode, and at the house (or was it a flat?) of one of the TSTS operatives, rather than at the office. But there was much double-crossing going on throughout as might be expected given the number of people who didn't make it through to the end of the series.

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    This is a weird coincidence because I watched the first episode of 'Cover' last night. It's not programme that get mentioned everyday.

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