New DVD Release from Pegasus : 'Sweet Beat' (UK, 1959)



Bonnie Martyn (Julie Amber) is the winner of the Butlin's Holiday Camp combined beauty and talent contest, singing her way to victory. As part of her prize she is taken to London for a recording test and soon becomes enveloped in the glitz and glamour of the music business. Keith Fordyce appears as himself - disc jockey


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IMDB comments:

Having just viewed this along with Rock You Sinners this Brit music film is slightly more dated than "Sinners" as if the makers were saying "don't listen to that nasty rock and roll", it seems our heroine in the film is not only a singing star of the future but in fact a beauty queen as well, utterly hilarious footage of good old Butlins holiday camp at Clacton On Sea confirms the queen status, however her enthusiastic boyfriend knows some good connections in London to get her a recording contract, and get it she does but only after a seedy American agent whisks her off to New York intent on having her for his own dirty deeds when in fact he is already married.

So much is crammed into this 64 odd minutes that it's hard to keep up with just how easy it is to get caught up in the bad old world of music in the 50s.

Some downright bad songs are reeled off along with some very good one's such as The Five Satins, but some nice old London location work looks good, certainly not the worst film of the genre and it passes the time nicely but don't expect anything less than a very very low budget film